The House Chez Maria in detail

The spirit prevailing campaign, it is also a stay filled with authenticity, family values,

memories and local anecdotes that promise you the house of grandma Maria.

Let’s visit together:

On the ground floor is the main entrance and the kitchen which leads you to the Bio garden of Maria;

do not panic its furnished terrace allows you to relax, what to take the tour in great shape.

The bathroom as well as the toilets are also within reach on the ground floor.

A small spiral staircase leads you to the 2 bedrooms, quiet place:

The room Fleurie is equipped with a double bed 160X200 + an extra bed as needed.

The Forest Room also has a comfortable bed 160X200, an extra bed,

but, hiding behind his trees, a small child’s bed, enough to make his stay as comfortable as possible for a little bit of cabbage!

Let’s go back to the ground floor:

Maria’s living room, somewhat modernized, cocoonises your stay, or allows you to finish reports and other obligations on her comfortable desk. Children also have the right to be well settled; coloring, drawings and other creations will be able to see the day on the pupil’s desk!

Find all the photos of the house as a gallery: